Arm lift.

Why is an arm lift (brachioplasty) performed?

Due to gravity, aging, and excessive weight loss, significant changes occur in the upper arm section between the shoulder and the elbow. Structural changes in the adipose tissue of the skin and subcutaneous wrinkles in the arm and in particular relaxation. These undesirable changes cause the person to look older than the person at all and can cause psychological problems that prevent wearing short-sleeved or spaghetti straps. Arm lifting is an operation to find solutions to all of these problems.

Does a scar remain after an arm lift (brachioplasty)?

In aesthetic surgery of arm lifting, depending on the extent to which the skin on the arm relaxes, there is a scar that extends to the elbow in the inner area of the arm or under the armpit, and sometimes in both regions. As with all plastic operations, this scar is initially noticeable and red. Once the recovery is complete, the scar will be less visible. In cases where the improvement is not normal, the scar can remain pink or dark.

What other methods are there for arm lifting?

The aging and weakness of the arm can cause the skin to sag, sometimes there may be problems with excessive thinning due to excessive weight gain.
The arm area can be properly thinned with applications such as liposuction, laser lipolysis in case of thickening, which is caused by excessive fat accumulation.
With thinning that occurs as a result of excessive weakness, a sufficient thickness can be achieved in the arm area by injecting the fat taken from your own body into the upper arm.

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