What Are The Latest Technologies In Breast Aesthetics?

Breast Aesthetics.

Several factors are taken into account when performing breast augmentation. Your doctor, who will examine your anatomy, will recommend the most appropriate method for breast aesthetics. The area in which the implant is placed in the chest can vary depending on the body structure. It is possible to place the implant under the pectoral muscle, between the muscle and the chest wall and the implant over the pectoral muscle, under the breast tissue or under the pectoral muscle membrane.

Breast Aesthetic Methods

There are many different ways to enlarge the breast today. Your doctor will apply these options based on your body type, health history, and aesthetic goals.
  • Breast implants filled with saline
These implants are filled with sterile saline. With these implants, small changes can be made during the operation, which can be filled in in the desired size and width before the operation.
  • Breast implants with silicone gel
These implants used for breast aesthetics are filled with a soft elastic gel and options are available in different sizes and widths.
  • Cohesive gel silicone implant

With this type of implant, the implant is filled with a sticky gel. It is similar to the type of soft candy. In this way, the inside of this implant is thinner and stronger than the conventional silicone implant. In this way, this implant supports the breast shape better.

Fat Transfer

It is used by liposuction of the adipose tissue that is removed from an area of the body by liposuction. These fat cells can be taken from the body, waist, hips, legs, abdomen or buttocks. After the received fat cells have been processed, the fat cells are transferred to the breast. We can say that this method is less preferred compared to implant methods. In addition, there are ongoing studies on the reliability and effectiveness of the method.

Your plastic surgeon can use one of these methods in breast aesthetics or choose a method that is a combination of these methods.

Your doctor will use your body profile to decide which method to choose. Your doctor, who will determine your ideal breast size and decide which surgical method is best for you, will use this information to keep the area of your breast cut to a minimum and to carry out the desired treatment.

Your surgeon can also perform an operation or treatment against sagging breasts, without choosing implants or fat transfer.

The Phase After Breast Surgery

The region of the incision that the doctor will make during breast surgery can be in one of four different regions. While the most common cutting area is the area under the breast, it can also be cut out from the area where the breasts meet the arms. The other two areas are the colored area around the nipple and navel.

Is Breast Aesthetics a Safe Procedure?

The most important thing that women should consider about breast aesthetics is that under normal conditions, the silicones remain in their bodies throughout their lives. While most women undergoing breast aesthetics do not feel the need to have surgery again, the silicone may need to be replaced after some surgery. After breast surgery, people should go to the doctor for regular checkups.

Implants filled with silicone gel were among the implants that have been under control for years. However, based on recent reviews, it has been determined that using these implants is not a problem. These implants were previously thought to damage tissue and cause breast cancer, but silicone implants became widely available to women after a connection between silicone implants and these diseases.

When Should Breast Aesthetics be Considered?

Every woman who wants to beautify her appearance prefers a breast aesthetic. Thanks to this aesthetic surgery, your clothes will look nicer on your body and you can prefer clothes with more decollete. After pregnancy, many women have problems with their breasts shrinking or deforming due to weight loss, and women with such discomfort can achieve the desired look due to breast aesthetic surgery.

Finally, women with asymmetry of their breasts also prefer breast surgery. One of these women may have breasts, with one breast larger than the other.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Breast Aesthetics

We can say that breast aesthetics are permanent aesthetics. While permanent breast augmentation is one of the pluses, those who wear a breast implant should be regularly examined by a doctor.

After the breast aesthetics, you look much nicer with a bikini or similar clothing. The negative aspects; It is possible to show risks such as loss of feeling in the chest, stiffness of the capsule around the implants, asymmetry. Many women achieve a much younger look after breast aesthetics. In addition, there may be risks in aesthetic breast surgery such as the opening of wounds, infections, the accumulation of blood and serum in the breast, which are also valid for other surgical interventions.

Are You Suitable For Breast Aesthetics?

Although many women prefer breast aesthetics, it is beneficial for women to find out if they are suitable for such an operation. If you think your breasts are too small for your body type, if you lose confidence when wearing bikini-like dresses, if the clothes that fit your hips don’t look good on your breasts, if yours Breasts that have contracted or contracted after birth, or have contracted due to weight loss, or even if one breast is noticeably smaller than the other, may choose breast aesthetics in such cases.

Choosing The Surgeon

As with all other aesthetic surgeries, the choice of surgeon for breast aesthetics is very important. You need to choose the doctor who will make the change that can dramatically affect your appearance.

When choosing your surgeon, make sure the surgeon has the required certificates. Today there are surgeons who have not been trained in aesthetic surgery but have turned to this area because of their return. We can say that most of these doctors should be less preferred than doctors who have studied aesthetic surgery and have received special training. At this point you can choose doctors who are members of associations such as the Plastic Surgery Association.

After you find the doctor with the right education, it is also important that the doctor is an expert in the aesthetic surgery that you intend to do. In this case, make sure that your doctor has experience in breast aesthetics.

After all, communication between you and your surgeon is very important in the processes before and after the operation. You should be able to pass on your concerns and expectations to your doctor and receive honest feedback from him. Each doctor’s approach to surgery can be different for breast surgery.

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