Which bumps in the legs can be corrected?

Undesired appearances and deformations in the leg area, like other areas of the body, can be a problem for people. Long, beautiful legs, with sufficient fullness, is a trait that everyone wants. Development of methods of aesthetic surgery; It also provides excellent solutions to problems with thin legs, thick legs, curved legs and excessive fat accumulation on the knees and ankles.
These problems are not problems that can be solved by active exercise or a healthy diet, but generally occur due to genetic inheritance. Some women don’t even wear skirts because they don’t like the shape of their legs.

What methods are used in leg aesthetics?

Solving leg problems; Methods such as leg implants (calf implants), liposuction and fat injection are used. These methods can sometimes be used as a single method or together. If there is a difference in thickness between the areas above and below the knee, there is a difference in thickness or shape between the two legs, or if the legs are crooked, these problems can be eliminated with the operation of the prosthetic leg. The same problems can be remedied by liposuction or fat injection. In some cases, both the fat injection and the prosthetic leg must be used together for a better result.

How is the leg aesthetics performed with filler material?

If the legs, particularly at the inner regions of the subcutaneous area, are deformed due to a lack of tissue, prefabricated fillers are injected into this area and an attempt is made to increase the amount of soft tissue which is insufficient. Fillers such as hyaluronic acid and hydrophilic gel can be used on the leg. While the durability of hyaluronic acid is one year, the durability of the hydrophilic gel should average 3-4 years.

How is leg aesthetics performed with a silicone leg prosthesis (calf implant)?

If the muscles inside the lower leg (below the knee) are underdeveloped and the subcutaneous fat is not thick enough, or if the bone is slightly curved, the person’s legs can appear thin, shapeless, and curved, which is quite annoying . In this case, very successful results can be achieved by inserting a silicone leg prosthesis in the inner area of the leg. It is an operation that is applied about 4-5 cm in the back of the knee and lasts for an hour. You can go back to your everyday life after a week.

In what situations is a leg surgery performed?

Often, after losing weight due to excess skin in the inner region of the thigh area, the skin relaxes considerably. The person may experience problems such as rubbing their skin against each other, rashes, and not wearing appropriate clothing.
Excess skin in the leg area is removed by a leg aesthetic and thus get a smooth appearance and the sagging skin is removed. After the leg lift, there are scars that can extend to the knee depending on the amount of sagging skin. If the excess skin is not excessive, this scar can be placed in the groin area.

What is the application of leg shaping with fat injection?

Fat injection is a very successful method, especially for legs with thin and collapsed insides. Since the fats are usually removed from the abdomen and waist, the person is also freed of excess fat in these areas. Theoretically, fat injection in leg shaping generally gives the desired lasting result in 2 sessions because the fat that is taken from one part of the body and transferred to another area remains 50% permanent. Since there is no incision, there are no scars. It can usually be done with spinal / epidural anesthesia or general anesthesia.

What is the aesthetic integrity of the legs?

The body is aesthetically a whole. The legs should also be symmetrical, smooth, and compatible with other parts of the body. To this end; With the help of liposuction and liposuction techniques, the flattened and wide-looking hips can be corrected to a narrower, raised and protruding hips, the leg and hip area can be improved, making the leg appear smoother and longer. The distorted appearance of the leg can be corrected by tests for the knee region. This creates an aesthetic harmony in the lower half of the body.

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