Face and eyebrow thread lifting.

Who can face and eyebrow thread lifting be performed on?

One of the most obvious problems with aging on the face is that the eyebrows and facial tissue are drooping. The solution to this problem that is evident in advanced age; Facial and temple lift. However, this problem also exists between the ages of 30 and 50, but is not very obvious. During this time, people express that there is a slackness in the facial tissue and that the tissue is starting to sag, and try to rub this tissue with their hands or by constantly tying their hair together and express the following; “Doctor, I don’t have that many wrinkles, I just want to get this result!” In this patient group, face and eyebrow thread lifting procedures can be performed instead of face-lift operations. This leads to satisfactory results if specially made threads on the face and the temple area.

Can body absorb facial and eyebrow threads?

There are both absorbable and non-absorbable options for facial and eyebrow threads.

What are the additional applications that can increase the effect of thread lifting?

Depending on the aging process, slackening, tissue loss and wrinkling can be seen at an early age, even if it is very slight. In these cases, botox applications and fat injections should be carried out in addition to the thread lifting, so that the facial tissues and eyebrows carried by the thread lifting appear more beautiful, fuller, fresher and more rested. The filling can be done directly under the eyebrow in the same session to increase the muscle building effect.

How are the face and eyebrow thread lifting treatments performed?

Absorbable threads can be applied under practical conditions and under local anesthesia. It is made without an incision and is only attached with the help and guidance of a needle. In order to apply non-absorbable threads, a 1.5-2 cm long incision must be made through the hair. This application is performed by administering local anesthesia and a sedative medication intravenously.

How long is the durability of the face and eyebrow thread lift?

Persistence; It varies between 18 months and 3 years, depending on the tissue structure of the person to whom the application is being performed, the size of the problem and the region in which the application is being carried out, and whether the person is taking good care of the process . It is an application that can be repeated if desired.

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