Buttocks and Hip Aesthetics.

What do you understand when you say beautiful buttocks and beautiful hips?

In the works of art made a few centuries ago, women with wide hips and buttocks were expressed as a symbol of aesthetics, beauty and sexuality. As the aesthetic norms change over time, women with narrow, high hips and a protruding buttocks that are not wide at the top and bottom are now considered sexy and beautiful women.

Is the buttock and hip aesthetics a common plastic surgery?

While aesthetic surgery on the hips and buttocks was very rarely done years ago, women gave up looking at beauty only as facial beauty and began to consider body beauty as or even more than facial beauty. Accordingly, the number of people applying to aesthetic surgeons is increasing rapidly with the demand for buttocks and hip aesthetics. Buttock and hip aesthetics are often performed primarily in countries such as Brazil, England and America. Since many people from these countries have come to our country and are performing these operations as part of health tourism, these operations are increasingly being carried out in our country.

How is the use of silicone implants performed in the buttocks and hip aesthetics?

It is known as the most effective, accurate and long-lasting method in buttock and hip aesthetics. It is performed with buttock silicone prostheses that are similar to breast silicone prostheses. It is an operation that is performed under general anesthesia or spinal-epidural anesthesia. The silicone prosthesis should be placed between the glutes. In situations where this is not possible, it should be placed under the membrane of this muscle. However, it is not suitable to be placed under the skin.

When and how is a buttock and hip lift carried out?

Excessive relaxation can occur after excessive weight gain, childbirth, aging and bariatric surgery, since the subcutaneous tissue in the buttocks and hips area melts due to weight loss. In these cases, the excess flaccid skin should be removed and the buttocks and hips area tightened up. This surgery creates scars on the person’s back, which will extend from one side of the waist to the other and can be hidden in the underwear. During this operation, the buttocks are also filled, which are lifted and tightened using the persons own tissue as auto-prostheses.

How is the buttocks aesthetics carried out with filling materials?

The buttocks area can be filled with fat injection or with pre-made fillers. The most commonly used and most effective substance for this purpose is the hydrophilic gel. It can be performed under sterile conditions with sedation and local anesthesia. The person can return home 2 hours after the application.

How do you perform the buttocks and hip aesthetics with liposuction?

Overweight women in particular have a lot of fat in the buttocks and hips. Due to the accumulation on the top and bottom of the hips, this fat can lead to a square appearance of the buttocks. The fats that cause this appearance are removed with liposuction, thereby achieving a rounder buttocks.

How is the buttock aesthetic carried out with a fat injection?

Especially in thin people, the buttocks area is very flat, which leads to aesthetic and psychological problems. Fats that are taken from other parts of the body with the cannula are put into the buttocks area without making an incision with the help of the injector. Therefore, the buttocks area can be filled and a more aesthetic appearance can be achieved. It may take 2 sessions to get plenty.

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