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Why Do Breasts

Structures that ensure the vitality, fullness and position of the breast tissue; It is the skin with connective tissue bands that hold the breast to the chest wall, bind the bands together that have not lost their vitality and fullness and retain their elasticity. Due to effects such as gravity, excessive weight gain and loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding, these structures that hold the breast in their position are deformed and they are no longer able to support breast to maintain shape, fullness and position, therefore the nipple begins to hang down. This phenomenon is called “breast ptosis” or breast sagging.

How Is Breast Sagging (Mastopitozis) Classified?

The nipple should normally be at or just above the breast line. Depending on the height of the nipple, the sagging breast (breast ptosis) is divided into 3 different grades. It can also happen that the nipple maintains its level and only the glandular structure of the breast is displaced. This is known as a lying hanging breast (pseudoptosis).

What To Do If Your Breast Hangs Down?

When the breast is sagging, a mastopexy surgery is performed, which means a breast lift aesthetic. Breast lift aesthetics (mastopexy) is about giving the breast a new shape and a steep shape. If the dark area (areola) around the nipple is too large, this can be reduced during surgery. If the breast tissue is also emptied by slackening, the silicone breast prosthesis is placed during the operation and the lost fullness of the breasts is also restored.

Is There A Permanent Scar After Breast Lift Surgery ?

If the first degree breast has no excess skin and no lying breast sagging, an aesthetic breast aesthetic can be achieved by placing only a silicone prosthesis without leaving large scars. However, sagging of the breast usually occurs in the 2nd and 3rd degrees, where there is also excess skin. In such cases, since this excess skin should also be removed during breast lift surgery; There are scars perpendicular to and along the nipple. In rare cases, in addition to these scars, it can remain on scars that lie horizontally along the inframammary line. These scars are red and noticeable in the early postoperative period, but over time their color fades and becomes darker.

Is A Breast Lift A Painful And Difficult Operation?

The breast lift lasts about 2 to 2.5 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. The pain after the operation is usually mild, there is no severe pain. The person can return to everyday life after about 4-5 days, although the bandages still have to be worn and renewed for a while.Eğer meme dikleştirme ameliyatı silikon implant ile beraber yapılıyorsa implnata bağlı bazı riskler de olabilir. Bunlar da kapsül sertleşmesi, geç dönemde serum birikmesi ve implantın pozisyonundaki değişikliğe bağlı problemlerdir.
Son yıllarda özlellikle silikon  meme protezi ile beraber yapılan meme dikleştirmelerde, sahip oldukları hacime göre ağırlık olarak belirgin miktarda  hafif olan meme protezleri kullanmaya başladık, bu protezler yeniden oluşabilecek meme sarkması problemi belirgin oranda azaltmaya yardımcı olabilmektedir.

Does Breast Lift Prevent Milk Production?

Breast lift generally does not cut and remove milk ducts. If a person who has had a breast lift after the procedure gives birth to a child, the baby can be breast-fed as normal. There are usually no problems during pregnancy. Overweight and breast growth during pregnancy can deform the breasts again.

When Should A Breast Lift Be Done?

Sagging or sagging breasts are usually done after giving a birth. However, sometimes breasts can go limp with excessive weight gain and loss. If the person with this appearance feels uncomfortable and does not want to wait for a possible future pregnancy, this operation can be carried out without including a possible upcoming pregnancy. A firming operation does not usually prevent breastfeeding.

What Are The Risks Of a Breast Lift?

The risks of breast lift are generally similar to those of breast reduction. Though less likely to be seen; Risks such as opening wounds and re-sewing, infections, loss of sensitivity in the breast, complete or partial loss of the nipple and the surrounding tissue can arise. If you smoke, you should stop smoking for a period of time before and after surgery to reduce the possibility of these risks.

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